The Team

Co-Founder and Operator

Josh Johnston

Josh Johnston is the founder and operator of 321 Pocket Ops. Josh had the incredible opportunity to step into the COO role of Welling Media from 2018-2020. During his tenure, he helped in building the systems and infrastructure of the rapidly growing agency. Scaling to a multiple 6 figure monthly revenue, 20 employees, and helped in undertaking of it’s successful acquisition.

Today, Josh is consulting with various agencies in the U.S. and Europe to help them scale their revenues, teams, and profits.    


Nicholas Kirchner

Hey, I’m Nicholas. At heart I’m an entrepreneur, growth marketing nerd, and Co-Founder at 321 PocketOps. At 18 I dropped out of college and committed myself to learning everything there was to know about e-commerce. I was fascinated about scaling businesses in the digital world. This fascination led me to building a digital marketing and analytics firm.

I was fortunate enough to see great success with this business. This opened a lot of doors for me, from working with fortune 500 companies to being invited to speak at conferences and universities.

Two years later, I sold my firm and went on to become President & Co-Owner at Margle, a digital growth agency, where my clients included companies like Humana, Petco, Yahoo, and Northwestern Mutual.

After a good run in the agency space, I was left questioning: What did the last five years mean to the rest of the world? Ultimately, it felt like my work would have no greater impact on the future.

Sure, scaling companies and optimizing growth metrics was cool, but what was the point if those businesses didn’t have any purpose behind them?

This desire to do meaningful work led me to join 321 PocketOps

What excites me most about 321 PocketOps is the opportunity to still utilize all of my previous experience to help other agencies scale.

We believe the work you do today should matter 100 years from now, and while that sounds bold, we know that’s how you contribute to building a future everyone can look forward to!